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Vendor Showcases on the Innovation Stage give you a firsthand look at the latest breakthrough technologies and techniques that you can use in your business.  The schedule of these free, 20-minute presentations are below.





12:00 pm -12:30 pm M+W Group

Manufacturing Optimization and Case Study, Industrial Biotechnology Facility Design: Using the Design Competition Process to Drive Value Engineering Initiatives
Presented by: Peter Cramer, Vice President, Life Sciences Facility Design, M+W Group and Joseph Galluzzo, PE, Senior Vice President of Engineering & Global Projects, Verdezyne, Inc.

This presentation will cover a case study of Verdezyne’s recent design competition for a Greenfield industrial biotechnology facility to be built in Malaysia. This presentation will walk through the design competition process and highlight how teamwork between the parties led to a successful cost lowering outcome.  Specifics on how the value engineering process was enhanced by engaging multiple firms to share their innovative ideas will also be discussed.  Facility design issues will be presented to show the range of potential cost cutting measures that were considered.


12:30 pm – 1:00 pm G&G Technologies, Inc.

Cleaning to Sterility with ClnStryke
Presented by: Genko Guenev, President, G&G Technologies, Inc.

G & G Technologies is bringing life sciences companies a state of the art Clean in Place (CIP) and Clean out of Place (COP) breakthrough in cleaning technologies (VSR™). Removing the traditional CIP and COP barriers, customers can breakthrough into a ClnStryke™ manufacturing suite. We can clean so thoroughly, it is sterile.

1:00 pm – 1:30 pm AutomaTech, Inc.

Identified Savings and Quality Assurance using the Industrial Internet (IoT)

Presented by: Mark Pipher, VP & General Manager, FacilityConneX

Smart Equipment and Process Monitoring is real today and has been proven at facilities around the world saving 25% or more in energy costs in industrial applications. New cloud based technology around optimization and continuous commissioning helps manufacturing facilities prioritize top energy and cost offenders using predictive analytics and prevent unforeseen failures using advanced fault detection and diagnostics techniques.

1:30 pm – 2:00 pm Kneat Solutions

INNOVATION for Productivity & Compliance in LifeScience Validation
Presented by: Eddie Ryan, CEO, Kneat Solutions

Life Sciences is crying out for a quality e-Validation and GxP testing tool that can deliver a seamless end-to-end efficient and compliant paperless process. The paper process is labor intensive, susceptible to business risk and process delays in getting product to market.

Kneat Solutions is a public software company founded by experienced pharma professionals dedicated to addressing Validation process improvements.

The Kneat Gx platform provides the Missing Piece of the Validation Puzzle.

2:00 pm – 2:30 pm ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc

Antimicrobial Decontamination of Facilities for Viruses and Molds Using a Gaseous Method for Complete Coverage
Presented by: Paul Lorcheim, PE, Director of Operations

This session will discuss the process of fumigating a production facility for complete kill of organisms such as mmv, bacteria, and mold spores. Implementation specifics will be presented such as preparation of the facility through the actual decontamination event. Efficacy testing will be discussed as well as an overview of various applications.

2:30 pm – 3:00 pm Environmental Systems Corporation

The Connected Cleanroom
Presented by: Vernon Solomon, CEO, Environmental Systems Corporation

Learn how a Cleanroom Eco System connected with SMART Devices can provide real time data for compliance and predict operational reliability.

3:00 pm – 3:30 pm Harrington Pure / E&S Technologies

Reducing Particulate Contamination and Risk By Ionizing Materials & Workflows During Manufacturing
Presented by: Michael Radovan, Director of Business Development – Life Sciences, Simco-Ion Technology Group, A Dovision of ITW

Static attraction, as a root cause, is responsible for the vast majority of particulate contamination yield losses and market issue/recalls experienced in many life science manufacturing operations. Drug delivery devices, vials, syringes, flexible bags, catheters, stents, heart valves, optical lenses, hip/knee replacements, pacemakers, blood filters, breast implants and other implantable devices, etc. – essentially all plastic or insulative materials – are affected by static.   Recent studies across many companies manufacturing these types of insulative materials have shown that substantial reductions in particulate contamination results result when the electrostatic attraction (ESA) problems were eliminated via ionization technology.

3:30 pm – 4:00 pm AutomaTech, Inc.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Life Sciences Manufacturing
Presented by: Ray Watts, Cyber Specialist at GE Healthcare & Kevin Peterson, Solution Architect at Wurldtech

Take a closer look at security solutions that are designed to protect critical process control systems and operational technology (OT) assets.  Simply stated GE Digital Cyber solutions: Inspect, Enforce and Protect critical industrial platforms.

4:00 pm – 4:30 pm Windshire Group

ProcessPad, ARCC (Audit Ready Compliant Cloud), Stabilityshire

Presented by: Dr. James Blackwell, President, Windshire Group

The Windshire Group, a prominent CMC consulting organization, presents: ProcessPad- the industry’s leading Part 11 compliant software solution for continued process verification that makes trending, using, sharing, and reporting your process, manufacturing, shipping, stability, and quality (QC/metrics) data easy in a browser based interface; ARCC- the best, fastest and most cost effective way to implement cloud hosted ProcessPad, and QMS, EDMS, and eCTD software in a highly secure, compliant manner; Stabilityshire- offering intermediate, drug substance/ product stability and shelf life consulting, data management, analysis, and compliant reporting services using validated software within Windshire’s quality system.

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