September 26, 2018   
Gillette Stadium

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Advancements & Applications in Resinous Floors and Walls

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM |

This presentation reviews polymer flooring and wall systems, and distinguishes the differences between coatings, broadcast, self-leveling and trowel applied flooring systems. Applications and areas of use are reviewed for Pharmaceutical environments. Topics such as chemical resistance, design, performance technology, surface preparation, installation techniques and engineering details, including GMP, are presented.

Speaker: Carl Vose | Architectural / Engineering Representative, The Stonhard Group


25 years experience in construction products related industry. 22 years experience in presenting and providing solutions to the Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences Community. 11 years experience as the New England District Manager with The Stonhard Group. 8 years experience as a Field Project Manager for The Stonhard Group.