September 26, 2018   
Gillette Stadium

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An Industrial Automation Approach to Environmental Monitoring System for Viable and Nonviable Particle Monitors.

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM |

This will review the shift towards industrial automation monitoring system away from from PC based software systems for particle counting and microbial monitoring systems.  Additionally how the latest systems incorporate the latest regulatory requirements for monitoring as well as meeting the FDA Guidance for Data Integrity.

  1. How an industrial automation system is different than PC based systems
  2. How an industrial automation system meets the latest regulatory requirements
  3. How particle sensors, microbial air samplers and other environmental inputs are incorporated into an Environmental Monitoring System

Speaker: Paul Hartigan | Global Product Line Manager Systems and Software, Particle Measuring Systems

Paul Haritgan is the Global Product Line Manager for Software and Systems with Particle Measuring Systems. He has held various product management responsibilities over the last 10 years with Particle Measuring Systems including responsibility for Liquids, Aerosol and Microbial based products, with his latest role being involved in the Environmental Monitoring Systems. Responsibilities have included developing the latest technologies into products for us in Life Science cleanroom operations. He has written numerous papers related to the application of products in the Life Sciences industry and presented at organizations throughout the world, including instruction at various trade organizations.