September 16, 2020
Gillette Stadium

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Modular Enabled Automation Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM |

Modular automation is the cornerstone of future process plants and crucial in the pharmaceutical industry, enabling reduced time to market, increased automation efficiency and higher flexibility. Modular automation is the future for the flexible process plant production and a key element for the industrial internet of things (IIOT) and Industry 4.0. This technology helps process industries that face requirements such as more customized products, shorter delivery times and smaller batch series. Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of:

  1. What is Modular Automation and the layers of a modular automation system
  2. The Namur proposed standard for Modular Automation systems
  3. Modular Automation terminology

The life sciences industry is facing a harsh global competition and changing market requirements such as more customized products, shorter delivery times and smaller batch series down to batch size 1. This goes in hand with an accelerating pace of innovation. ABB has developed a solution for cost-effective modularization with plug and produce capabilities and a pilot is currently ongoing with one of the major life science companies, Bayer AG. Several so called Module Type Package (MTP) control sub systems and a modular configuration tool have been delivered and are currently running with a modular enabled system for the orchestration.

Speaker: David Funderburg | Global Technology Manager | ABB Inc.

 David Funderburg is currently serving as Global Technology Manager responsible for technology R&D for global chemical and refining business in ABB’s Energy business segment based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

As a Technology Manager in the Industrial Automation group, David’s primary responsibilities include developing the technology roadmap in line with client requirements, providing technology support of sales pursuits, and providing technical consulting to operation groups implementing projects.  David specializes in process automation and batch control implementation within the chemical industry.

David has served various roles with ABB including technology management, product development, sales support, marketing, project management, and project engineering.  David is also a TÜV Functional Safety Certified Engineer.

David joined ABB in 1997 and has a Chemical Engineering degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.