September 16, 2020
Gillette Stadium

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Women in Pharma® (WIP) Event

All are welcome to attend the Women in Pharma® (WIP) event at the Product Show – the time for the 2020 Show will be posted in March! In the meantime, check out the session from the 2019 Product Show below!

Our 2019 Women in Pharma® (WIP) speaker was Pamela Gardner, the President & CEO of Biotech Vendor Services, Inc. (BVS), and she presented, “Disrupting Your Old Patterns that are Preventing You From Your Greatest Success”.

About Our Speaker:

In 2003, Pamela Gardner, President and CEO of Biotech Vendor Services, Inc. (BVS) implemented the concept of assisting bio-pharma companies and research institutes to help streamline their vendor management and supply chain through customized on-site scientific, clinical and manufacturing events. BVS has held over 2,500 events and gained an impressive roster of over 400 nationwide clients that include many of the top bio-pharma companies. She has created a model which further integrates her “why” to empower women in STEM into her existing business.

In addition, Pamela participated in a nine-month coaching program called Feminine Power Mastery that resulted in her creation of a nationwide initiative called ‘Women Breaking the Barriers of Science and Their Male Champions.” These yearly events are very empowering and initially held in three top Biotech Hubs in San Diego, San Francisco and Boston and averaged 300 attendees. The purpose of these events was to bring more awareness in an empowered way to the issues women in science are facing related to discrimination and sexual harassment.

In furtherance of these goals, Pamela is getting certified as a Feminine Power Master Facilitator, which is a one-year in-depth program and will be adding breakout sessions to her events, which go deeper into the heart of the issues. She will also be offering retreats and workshops to address issues that women face from an internal vs. external perspective to help them self-actualize to their greatest potential.

She is greatly honored to have been recognized by Athena and her peers for her achievements in making a difference in the lives of women in STEM through being recognized with the Athena Pinnacle Award in the Service Category.

Prior to founding BVS, Pamela was a key contributor at Electronic Data Systems (EDS) for over twelve years. For six of those years, she was an expatriate in the UK and South Africa working on high profile projects related to nationwide outsourcing migration projects for Royal Bank of Scotland and Nat West.

Pamela holds a B.A. in Business Economics from the University of Pittsburgh. She is passionate about mentoring and helping entrepreneurs and loves to travel and has traveled to 35 different countries.