September 20, 2023
Gillette Stadium

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Session 5: The Road to Autonomous Manufacturing

4:00 PM – 4:45 PM | West Red Level, Suite 81

Digital transformation has become a ubiquitous goal across the biomanufacturing supply chain. The goal for most of us is machine learning and artificial intelligence-based optimization, where computers trained on historical manufacturing data make suggestions in real time to improve process outcomes – or are permitted to enact these suggestions autonomously (i.e. Advanced Predictive Control). Highly regulated industries such as pharma and life sciences are likely many years out from this becoming a reality. However, with this common goal in mind there are foundational strategies and technologies that can be implemented today to enable companies to rapidly scale both ML and AI. In this talk the presenter will walk through some of the best practices including data modeling at the edge, event driven architectures and extensive plant floor connectivity – all building towards a goal of a full closed loop manufacturing system.

Chris Demers, Global Lead – Plant Data & Analytics, Catalent Pharma Solutions

Chris Demers is currently the Global Lead for Plant Data and Analytics at Catalent Pharma Solutions. He is passionate about data and automation and is leading the creation of fully connected digital plants at Catalent. Prior to Catalent Chris worked at Lonza where he drove automation and data projects in the development laboratories.




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